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how to manage your time
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Managing Your Time – How’s It Going?

When you were very young, your time was managed by your parents. They decided when it was time for you to eat, sleep and play. As you grew older and were in school, your parents probably started harping on YOU to start managing your time.  This is when you began the juggling act of school, homework, sports, social activities, and family.

But just because you were given the opportunity to start making your own choices, did you really master time management? Take a step back from your life and have a good hard look at what you do with your time.


Perhaps you’ve noticed that some people seem to be accomplishing things and are successful in their endeavors while others complain about never having enough time to do anything. Chances are, the people who are living their dreams are doing so because they’ve learned to manage their time.


If you’d like to make better use of your time, start with taking stock of where you are right now. You only have 24 hours in a day. How are you spending that time?  Keep a log tracking how you spend every hour for a week. Then carefully look at the results of your time chart and think about your priorities.

Perhaps you’ve felt you didn’t have enough time to start an exercise program, but you would really like to do that. If you refer to your time chart and find you actually spend an average of three to four hours a day watching TV (and much more on the weekends), then it’s possible you could shorten that time and use it for your workouts instead.


Maybe you’d like to read the books in Oprah’s book club but haven’t been able to find the time. Take a look at your time log to see where you might fit that in. You might decide to get the books on CD and listen to them during your daily commute to and from work, or go to bed a half hour earlier so you can read.


We all have time-wasters in our day but rather than beat yourself up about it, determine if it’s just a mindless habit or something you do when you don’t know what else to do. If it’s a habit, then replace it with a better habit. If it’s a space filler because you’re bored, then sit down and figure out what you’re interested in. Use this time to research a hobby you’d like to start or perhaps you’d like to start a business on the side.


Time management is not necessarily about getting more things done; it’s about having the time to do the things that are a priority for you. It would be a shame to wake up one day and realize that you spent many an hour passively watching TV when what you really wanted to do was learn to fly, build dollhouses, or become an expert gardener.